Agility in delivering solutions

The DevOps movement is gaining traction in organizations around the world because it is the best way to address many of the competitive challenges that enterprises are facing, this is possible thanks to the software solutions offered by companies as the producers you can find in our software section.

Users demand swiftness, that it is the reason why DevOps have emerged as a trend, developers need to increase agility in delivering solutions. DevOps is a methodology to reduce delivery times thanks to the proactive collaboration between operations and development departments. Automation and information feedback promotes continuous delivery of software products and services with a higher quality and at a lower cost.

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Development and operations to accelerate business innovation

DevOps in one os the pillar for Digital Transformation and these are some of the key benefits according to HPE says in their official DeveOps site:

  • Faster release of apps with automation of integrated build, test and deployment process
  • Increase developer and operational efficiency by managing your infrastructure as code
  • Improve customer experience with immediate feedback loops and continuous improvement

Innovation in QA services

Expertise in advice and management of HPE tools