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Applying agile methodologies working with several suppliers.


Tagus is a technological platform that allows you to read books in the cloud from any browser, smartphone or tablet, and from your own eReader.

Tagus has been one of the ambitious development projects of this country. Therefore, La Casa del Libro had the collaboration of several leading companies in its sector to carry it out.


iOS, Android, Web


Multiple programming languages and heterogeneous technology

Autentia took over the core of the application, designed to serve thousands of concurrent users and provide service the rest of the platform’s components.

A development of great complexity due to a context of changing requirements in which it was necessary to coexist with multiple suppliers, with whom to coordinate and provide service, and the use of heterogeneous technologies and various programming languages.

Good practice process


Agile methodologies and open source technologies

The biweekly deliveries allowed Casa del Libro and the rest of the suppliers to constantly monitor the project, receive new features every two weeks and be able to give immediate feedback on them.

In addition, the use of standards and open source technologies allowed Autentia to minimize technological risk and deliver within the expected time and budget.


Transparency, commitments fulfilled and technological independence

Agile methodologies were crucial in the day to day of the project. The transparency of the development of Autentia generated a climate of trust with Casa del Libro and the rest of the suppliers.

The managers of La Casa del Libro were able to constantly monitor the project and verified how the delivery commitments were met iteration after iteration.

Finally, Autentia delivered more features than expected without delaying the delivery period.

In addition, the use of standard and open technologies instead of proprietary products provided La Casa del Libro with a guarantee of technological independence from third parties.

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