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Monitorization of large volumes of information with BELK


IATA is the international air transport association. Worldwide, it represents about 280 airlines and 83% of air traffic.

IATA works in a multitude of aspects: airports, cargo, air safety, flight operations, sustainability and finance, among others.


Monitorization of large volumes of information

The business problem was that IATA was receiving agent sales data the day after they were produced.

This resulted in certain agencies committing fraud, because low-priced sales were made and never paid to the airlines.

As the passenger who bought the ticket bought the tickets in good faith, he had the right to fly and this meant losses for the airlines.

One of the great challenges was that we had to develop a system that was capable of supporting large volumes of information, since we wanted to monitor the sales of all the agents in the world (more than 2 million tickets a day).


A cloud native system and transparency in communications

We developed the solution iteratively and incrementally, from the Autentia offices but in close collaboration with IATA, with two-week sprints. Apart from holding daily follow-up meetings, we provided access to the project management, continuous integration and quality audit tools that we use in all our developments; so that, in a totally transparent way, they had first-hand information about the status of the project (evolution, generated code and its quality).

The solution is a reactive system based on the BELK stack, which allows us to scale it according to demand and, becouse it’s based on persistent events, we can ensure that no information is lost in it’s treatment.

It was very interesting to prepare an integration and demo environment in an AWS instance of Autentia, generating all the infrastructure with terraform and provisioning machines with Ansible to later mount the productive environment in the IATA cloud; assembling the production environment with the execution of automation scripts was a matter of a couple of hours.

The challenge was solved very satisfactorily, in record time and at a very competitive cost.


Real-time sales control and business versatility

With the implemented solution, IATA is able to control sales in real time, at the same time they occur and detect these fraud situations.

Since the GDS began sending information, at the end of last year, 10 fraud attempts have been captured, in real time, which has meant a loss limitation of about 13 million dollars in about 6 months.

Beyond the objective of the project itself, the fact of having, today, all this information in real time, gives IATA enormous versatility at the business level to perform data analytics, without the previous GAP of the batch processes.

The result has been a success for IATA, who now has the ability to monitor the sales of all the agents in real time.

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