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Public administration

Increase in productivity and implementation of new technologies.


Aytos is a company that is dedicated to creating and implementing management solutions in all areas for the local Public Administration.

From Autentia, we cannot deny that we loved the challenge posed by Aytos to renew the software used in the Public Administration, since this collaboration would result in more than 3,800 customers spread across town halls throughout the country.


Looking for experience and a customized solution

From Aytos they detected that their users were beginning to demand new services and products of higher quality, and decided to take the initiative to cover those needs.

They counted on Autentia because they were not looking for a usual consultancy that offered them a predefined solution and left the final decision in their hands, but they were looking for someone who understood their problems and concerns and helped them to make that decision jointly.

The main challenge was the technological renewal of the economic-financial management platform, accompanied by other products such as asset management and budget management.


Technological immersion of equipment and a good methodology

From Autentia, we invite the Aytos project staff to move to our offices to work together on the project, which allowed them to be immersed in a very technological environment and increase their productivity. We also defined the language, technology, platform and the main components of development.

We recommended the use of agile methodologies with short two-week cycles (sprints), with a very specific objective and that we continually review it with the Aytos management to be sure that what was done technically was aligned with the future products that they wanted to perform.


Quality software and productivity increase

The implementation of agile methodologies allowed to validate little by little the whole construction of the concept of the platform that was being designed. It could also be quickly rectified in those cases in which the solution embodied on paper, once designed, had some deficiencies to correct.

When working in the offices of Autentia, the productivity of the Aytos team increased remarkably as the teams were immersed in a technological environment, learning the latest technologies and improving the quality of the code.

Thanks to this technological immersion and agility, the project ended before the planned date, allowing the introduction of extra functionality that was not planned from the beginning.

Aytos' opinion

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