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Improvement of the efficiency of the working method and definition of future architecture.


Air Europa is the flagship of Globalia, and also one of the most prominent Spanish airlines.

The project began in order to present a change of image according to the growth that the corporation has experienced, so as to improve the experience of its users.


iOS, Android, Web


Change from the foundations and new technologies

About three years have passed since the company Air Europa, from the Globalia group, decided that the experience of its users needed a turn and presented a change of image more in line with the growth that the corporation has experienced.

The airline decided that, once the decision to make the change was made, it should do so from the foundations, implementing agile methodologies and backing its internal teams with development support and specialized architecture.

It was a great challenge at a technological level, especially because of the novelty that the new way of working meant for development teams.


Agile methodologies and quality service review

From Autentia we approached this great challenge on three fronts. The first one was the formation of teams, both business and technology, which was key for all professionals to be aligned in good practices and paddling in the same direction.

The second aspect that was approached was the definition of the architecture and the implementation of a very efficient method of work, thanks to the agile methodologies, where each member of the team knew at all times the task that his partner performed. In addition, this methodology avoided unexpected surprises, since sprints allowed to work in a predictable way.

The last point to discuss was the review of the quality of service of the rest of the suppliers that work with Air Europa, once again putting good practices ahead, with continuous deliveries, TDD, continuous integration, etc.



Improved efficiency in the working method and solid architectures

Agilism has become a fundamental pillar in Air Europa. It has allowed them to be absolutely predictable and avoid unforeseen events, and the teams know what things they can do in each sprint and carry out quite accurate short-term planning. All this helps them to have a complete view of all projects.

Autentia has also helped improving communication within the work teams, where now everyone is aware of what the rest of their colleagues are doing. In addition, communication with all the stakeholders of the development process has greatly improved. We have also helped development teams identify potential quality issues that other suppliers serve.

One of the main benefits has been the improvement of the efficiency of the working method of the entire team. It has helped them define the update of all technological environments to really be able to support what the company needed: a complete makeover in digital environments and a technological architecture of the future, which would allow to create stable bases in web environments and mobile.


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