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Walking together you will go further

Grupo ASV

Project L3G0, the path of transformation of Grupo ASV

With the aim that the group’s Organization and Technology teams were at the service of the client, they contacted us to accompany them in this process.

After months of exhaustive work, we managed to mesh all the pieces, forging quality foundations and a common culture to be able to continue building with autonomy and confidence.

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Laying the foundations of a banking services architecture

Orange Bank

Quite a challenge the one that Orange Bank proposed to us. We create the necessary technical support and lay the foundations for this new banking services architecture, helping to develop and standardize a way of working.

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ei Energia Independiente - Galp

Establish the basement of technical architecture, organization and digital product management

EI – Energía Independiente is a new startup focused on renewable energy, 100% owned by Galp (the biggest energy company in our portuguesse neighbour).

Currently, providing photovoltaics solutions in Spain and Portugal, both companies and homes.

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Beagle - IATA

Monitorization of large volumes of information with BELK

IATA is the international air transport association. Worldwide, it represents about 280 airlines and 83% of air traffic.

IATA works in a multitude of aspects: airports, cargo, air safety, flight operations, sustainability and finance, among others.

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Air Europa - Globalia

Improvement of the efficiency of the working method and definition of future architecture

Air Europa is the flagship of Globalia, and also one of the most prominent Spanish airlines.

The project began in order to present a change of image according to the growth that the corporation has experienced, so as to improve the experience of its users.

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Tagus - Casa del Libro

Multiple programming languages and working with several suppliers

Tagus is a technological platform that allows you to read books in the cloud from any browser, smartphone or tablet, and from your own eReader.

Tagus has been one of the ambitious development projects of this country. Therefore, La Casa del Libro had the collaboration of several leading companies in its sector to carry it out.

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Aytos - Public administration

Increase in productivity and implementation of new technologies

Aytos is a company that is dedicated to creating and implementing management solutions in all areas for the local Public Administration.

From Autentia, we cannot deny that we loved the challenge posed by Aytos to renew the software used in the Public Administration, since this collaboration would result in more than 3,800 customers spread across town halls throughout the country.

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