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Development Support

Guaranteeing the stability of your software and improving its technical quality

Quality is not negotiable, so we manage complexity and create robust environments

We have a culture focused on technical excellence and delivery quality so we incorporate practices from the early stages of development, which helps us make adjustments throughout the process.

We set the standards that will guide the development

We form part of your architecture team to accompany them in the adoption of standards and good practices of agile software development, guaranteeing stability, security and quality.

We guarantee the stability of your agile software development, we bet on the satisfaction of your customers

We ensure that the Architectures, Frameworks and Technology Stacks are right for your business

We are experts in defining architectures based on current market standards. We help you to renew your infrastructure including a standard infrastructure with the capacity to grow and evolve. We establish the necessary guidelines and define the most optimal solution for the location: local or in the cloud.

We implement development ecosystems as collaborative environments to minimize failures and optimize processes

We do not conceive of projects without implementing configuration management, process automation and continuous integration. The smooth evolution of the project is based on robust and reliable platforms and development environments.

Autentia has been more of a partner than a provider

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