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Source Code Quality Audit

We explore the software development process to identify risks in order to make an effective risk management of them. We can avoid them, minimise them and, in the best case, eliminate them.

We help you to establish the criteria that guarantee the technical and functional quality of the software to offer better user satisfaction through the execution of a source code audit with manual and automatic procedures.

Software Performance Audit

Are your applications underperforming or not working as you would expect them to?

In this case we upgrade your infrastructure and focus on auditing your technology stack and development practices. Our goal is that both the technology services and practices are the best fit for your business considering the purpose of the development.

Methodology Audit

We identify the level of agile maturity of your company and propose a series of improvement actions that seek to align the organization with agile principles. 

We want to bring your methodology closer to a people-oriented approach to provide value o the customer in a short period of time and where your organization is resilient to changes in the environment.

Web Accessibility Audit

We examine that your developments comply with the universal accessibility standard and plan with you a development strategy that includes the WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines.

Its implementation will allow you to expand the market niche that is currently estimated at 2 million people in Spain and reinforce the social responsibility of your company.

Product Audit

A product analysis or audit is the easiest and quickest way to find usability errors in your website, application or service. By offering innovative experiences we improve user satisfaction and increase the value and quality of our product.

In this audit we examine all those elements involved in a user’s experience with a product or service. Evaluating the different parts of our digital product allows us to know what is causing headaches or frustration to users, damaging the conversion and reveals to us which points we must improve first.

What we do


  • Definition of objectives
  • Signing of confidentiality agreements
  • Generation of the audit plan


  • Agile and dynamic performance
  • Interview with the parties involved
  • Review of the current context
  • Documentation of the process


  • Results report
  • Presentation of conclusions
  • Delivery of an action plan

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