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DevOps factsheets

Ficha sobre bases de datos NoSQL. Definición, ventajas y desventajas

These factsheets will allow, with a close and practical approach, to land everything that CEOs, CIOs, architects and developers need to know to understand the importance of the DevOps culture and how it can contribute to the delivery of value to the client and business.

Backend factsheets

Ficha explicativa de los lenguajes de alto y bajo nivel

The backend is the heart of our applications. Learn the tools and techniques, Java, Kotlin, and microservices with our easy factsheets.

Software Design factsheets

Ficha explicativa del patrón singleton: diseño, aplicación, precaución y utilidad

Learn with these factsheets the principles, patterns and anti-patterns of software development. Design Smells, SOLID, investment control and much more.

iOS factsheets

Ficha explicativa de Switf:

Get all the necessary factsheets to have the basic concepts and tools of development in iOS.

Technological strategy factsheets

Ficha de KPIs: ¿Qué es? ¿Por qué un KPI no es una métrica cualquiera? ¿Por qué los necesitamos?

This factsheets include a series of techniques and dynamics that help decision-making focused on the technological strategy within the company.

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