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DevOps: The complete guide

Discover how to deliver value continuously and effectively to the business, through the DevOps culture. Avoid the most typical problems that can arise in your development process and maximize the efficiency of your resources. All our DevOps guides unified in one place!

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Back: The complete guide

Back-end is the heart of our applications. There are a lot of frameworks that facilitate its development. However, making the most of your possibilities depends on one thing: mastering the fundamentals. In this document you will find everything you need to start your journey with Java, one of the kings of this field.

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Software Design: The complete guide

Design patterns and principles are the cornerstones of software development. Professionals with decades of experience have produced the good practices and recipes that will aid us in acquiring new abilities and perfecting the ones we already have.

Within this guide we bring you the most important principles and patterns, explained with examples and cards. You can’t miss it!

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Front: The complete guide

Front is the layer of the application closest to the users. Discover everything you need to know about the technologies that compose it and their environment so that users do not get a negative impression of your application. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, package managers, security… All our front guides have been brought together in one place!

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Onboarding factsheets

We release a compilation of factsheets explaining good practices, patterns, principles, and technologies related to software development. These cards have been involved in the composition of our Front end, DevOps, and Software Design guides, which are used in Autentia’s own Onboarding process.

Compilation of Agile factsheets

Within these factsheets you will discover a visual and summarized description of many concepts found in two books written by Roberto Canales: Conceptos ágiles aplicados a distintas áreas de una empresa, and Conversaciones con CEOs y CIOs sobre Transformación Digital y Metodologías Ágiles.

A diverse range of topics can be found inside this deck, ranging from Scrum, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming, to Visualization, business concepts like Evidence-Based Management (EBM), and Cognitive Bias.

Agile concepts applied to different company areas

In this work agile concepts are introduced from a practical perspective, trying to apply common sense and always using methodologies foundations as a way and not as an end in itself.

As I know that we are in a rapid content consumption world, if reading the book is getting tough I invite you to jump or even start on chapter 6.

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Calling into question the role of the Scrum Master and the Agile Coach

We go straight to the point with an excerpt from the book ‘Agile concepts applied to different areas of an enterprise’.

The excerpt is based on chapter 6, one of the book’s most empirical chapters. We take a look at a practical example within the context of a deserted island, focusing on applying agile concepts during a project’s implementation.

portada libro con ilustración de coach hablando a equipo

Interpreting the Agile Coach’s role

We dig deeper with a new extract from the book ‘Conceptos ágiles aplicados a distintas áreas de una empresa’.

In chapter 6 we focused on applying agile concepts on a project’s execution through a practical example. Now, we move on to chapter 7.

In this chapter, we review the Agile Coach’s role within a project. It is a very complex and multipurpose role, providing noticeable value towards the success and experience of a project.

Plan your success: from apprentice to entrepreneur

In this book we are going to suggest some behavior patterns and techniques applicable in various phases of a person’s labour evolution, mainly in intellectual professions, to answer questions at different points in time. Only available in spanish.
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The unwritten rules to succeed in the company. Professional IT

With an approach based on a more productive work model for all components of the company, the book emphasizes the importance of studying and learning about organizations as a key to job success. Only available in Spanish. Get the physical edition on Amazon

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