ownCloud contributor conference 2016

The ownCloud Contributor Conference will start next 9th of September and will last till 15th in Berlin. For the 4th year in a roll the Solid GEAR team will be there!

Solid GEAR team

This is a great time to meet up with colleagues with whom you work remotely during the year. The ownCloud project is a highly distributed community project, we are working on it from Valladolid to Nuremberg and other locations such as Eastern Washington.

The conference is divided in into 2 parts, on the one hand, during the weekend there are scheduled some keynotes and talks while the week is time to code and to chat about the ownCloud project. During 2015 edition we took advantage of spending time chatting about: roadmap, APIs design, quality, etc. Most of these topics helped us setting up priorities for the next year.

In 2015 Angela Richter was the one who kicked off the talk program with her keynote about the project “Supernerds”; I encourage you to watch it!

This year Cornelius Schumacher, Ex-KDE  President, and Michael Meeks, General Manager Collabora, will give the keynotes.

From Solid GEAR, not only we will be there coding and joining several discussions but also we will be an active part of the conference, running different lightning talks about the areas where we are mainly working: ownCloud mobile apps and QA

Let me highlight Solid GEAR folks talks at the ownCloud conference:

  • David Velasco will summarize the ownCloud Android app  features included since the previous conference. Besides, he will introduce the next challengues for the following versions.
  • Noelia Álvarez will focus on the ownCloud iOS app pointing out the latest features implemented within the app.
  • Sergio Bertolín will explain how the testing process has noticeable improved thanks to the development of automated tests following behaviour driven development techniques.
  • Jesús Recio will show an overview of the automated tests developed for the mobile apps.
  • David Toledo: Several ways to help testing oC, an introduction for the community.

What else is going on? Check it on the conference web

Will you be there? Looking forward to meeting you there!

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